Aircraft Cross Hire Agreement


Minimum aircraft use during the rental period Each aircraft rental is subject to the minimum rental fee as follows: Rent for a booking line (1 hour 15 min.) No minimum rent for two pilots booking 1 hour paid flight time Rent for three or four pilots booking 2 hours of paid flight Full-day rental (more than four slots) 3 hours of paid flight per day Each plane is subject to a condition and use contract. Please note the attached document in the right column. Our tenants are responsible for returning the aircraft to the state it left. Think of a visit to Avis or Europcar and apply the same principles to our fleet. Defects, damage, airworthiness and abandonment It is the tenant`s responsibility to return the aircraft to a clean and orderly condition at the end of the rental period. If the aircraft is in a different condition than described, a cleaning fee may be charged to the tenant. The tenant reimburses WA Aviation College as soon as possible for any failure that renders the aircraft unusable or unsafe for continued operation. If the tenant leaves the aircraft for any reason, except for a defect that renders the aircraft unusable that was not caused by the tenant, the tenant is responsible for all costs associated with the rescue of the aircraft. The tenant undertakes not to do any manipulation, testing, attempt to authorize a repair or repair of the aircraft without prior authorization from WA Aviation College. The tenant undertakes to verify the airworthiness of the aircraft through a thorough daily inspection of the aircraft and its accessories and to verify that the release of maintenance remains valid for the duration of the planned flight. The highest fuel for our cross-rental prices is $2 per litre of GST incl. Valid licence, permit, appeasement and experience The tenant will apply on request a valid pilot`s licence and original documentation with the necessary authorizations for the planned operation, an up-to-date medical pilot protocol, a pilot logbook with reference requirements, currency and experience prior to the rental of an aircraft.

The nature and experience requirements are different for each type of aircraft. More information on currency and receiver requirements can be found at the WA Aviation College Flight Instructor. Fees and fees Hirer irrevocably and unconditionally authorizes WA Aviation College to charge the tenant`s credit card and/or charge all fees and fees that the tenant must pay under the AHA to the tenant`s account (as designated on the Flight Docket). The applicable standard rental price is calculated for each flight hour for each non-WA Aviation College tenant. Flight hours are calculated by aircraft type using different methods, including, but without limitation, on the VDO timer, the air switch, time and meter time. Tenants are advised to determine the calculation method at the time of booking the aircraft. WA Aviation College reserves the right to calculate a fair and reasonable fee based on actual flight time in the event of a flight cancellation.